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Filmed in The Palms, a former West Hollywood staple, our goal is to garner recognition for the famous bar that disappeared from the boulevard. In addition, we are committed to raising awareness to trans issues. While transgender/transsexual issues are being presented in the media, Women of The Palms offers a different perspective to the debates. The film shows the performers in real life settings--the majority are minorities and below the poverty line, and face the struggles that real-life transsexual women face (this is not a portrayal of someone who has the luxury and money to even fathom affording gender reassignment surgery).

Instead, the film features a broad spectrum of trans: from transvestites, to transsexuals, to transgenders. It will surely inform viewers of what it's like to be trans for a normal trans person. And the struggle featured is them finding love--what is it like for a trans person to maintain a functional romantic relationship?